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Bamboo Detroit

1420 Washington Blvd. | Detroit, MI

If you are a Spanish Language Educator that serves Black American Students, whether in an urban, suburban or in a rural school community, then Spanish S.W.A.G. Teacher Symposium 2023 is a professional learning experience just for you!

In this symposium, we will collectively learn, laugh and grow together as we:

  • discover how to cultivate a classroom culture of feedback for increasing near-native fluency in the target language

  • gain practical ways to support language learners in processing new information that leads to deeper understanding and improved academic performance

  • practice mindfulness strategies for work/life balance;

  • engage in a hands-on immersive experience that models the ways you can use language to complement and support other content areas in impactful ways using African-centered approaches that benefit ALL students

  • experience a cultural fusion of activities made just for Spanish Language Educators!

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