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Jessie Feliz

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Jessie Feliz.

Jessie Feliz, MAT

Master in the Art of Teaching, Marygrove College (2010)

Emphasis: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Spanish Education,

Western Michigan University (2007)

Founder, Lead Spanish Educator & Coach (Jessie Feliz, LLC)

Life is a marathon, so why not put it to a beat!


¡Hola! Soy Jessie Feliz. I am a certified Spanish Language Educator with more than twelve years experience in professional teaching both in the U.S and in Costa Rica. I love teaching Spanish and empowering young people (especially Black American Youth) that they, too can become bilingual, study and work abroad or stateside using their bilingualism as a tool for unlocking opportunities, otherwise unknown.


I also love sharing my classroom (both in person and online) experiences and empowering educators from all content areas with highly-effective strategies for differentiating instruction in culturally-responsive ways. Learning and teaching can and should be fun, engaging, rigorous AND standards-based all at the same time - and I believe part of my purpose is to show others how to do it too! 

​From teaching in Baltimore, to living three years abroad in Costa Rica, to serving as an instructional coach in Houston, to then coming back home to teach in my hometown Detroit, and now teaching online, I am thankful for the diverse teaching and learning experiences I've had since beginning my professional teaching career in 2008. ¡Dios es fiel! God is good! And I'm excited and muy feliz to continue growing along the journey!

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